CBL Insurance

CBL Insurance is New Zealand’s largest and oldest credit surety and financial risk provider, supervised and regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The business is focused on financial risk products, builders risks, sureties, guarantees and contractor bonds worldwide - in particular in Europe and Scandinavia.

CBL Insurance carries out most of its business as a reinsurer whereby the risk is written by a local insurer partner, which retains a share of the premium and risk, with the rest ceded to CBL Insurance as reinsurance. The business operates in 25 countries in five regions. 

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Deposit Power 

Deposit Power is part of CBL insurance. It is Australia’s leading Deposit Guarantee provider. Deposit Power allows customers to purchase a home or invest in property without having to provide the deposit in cash. A Deposit Power Guarantee is a substitute for the cash deposit required when purchasing a residential property (customers pay the full purchase price at settlement). Both short and long term guarantees are offered to suit any settlement terms.

Deposit Power issued the first Deposit Guarantee in the Australian market in 1989, and has assisted over 750,000 property purchases.

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Afianzadora Fiducia 

In late 2014, we entered into an agreement to acquire a 35% shareholding in Afianzadora Fiducia, a specialist surety & bonding insurer in Mexico City, offering bonding and fiduciary services to the Mexican commercial sector.  This acquisition will further strengthen our position in Mexico, which is one of our most successful programmes, and lowest cost operation. We are the market leader in builders’ warranties in Mexico. 

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