Disclosure of substantial holding - Peter Harris

Friday, 28 Oct 2016

Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding
or change in nature of relevant interest, or both
Sections 277 and 278, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
Note: This form must be completed in accordance with the instructions at the end of the form.
To NZX Limited
To CBL Corporation Limited
Relevant event being disclosed: movement of 1% or more in substantial holding
Date of relevant event: 28 October 2016
Date this disclosure made: 28 October 2016
Date last disclosure made: 13 October 2015
Substantial product holder(s) giving disclosure
Full name(s): Peter Alan Harris
Summary of substantial holding
Class of quoted voting products: ordinary shares (NZCBLE0001S6)
Summary for Peter Alan Harris
For this disclosure,—
(a) total number held in class: 58,854,347
(b) total in class: 235,778,031
(c) total percentage held in class: 24.962%
For last disclosure,—
(a) total number held in class: 58,850,000
(b) total in class: 219,677,168
(c) total percentage held in class: 26.789%
Details of transactions and events giving rise to relevant event
Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure: CBL Corporation Limited (CBL) announced on 29 September 2016 that it would undertake a private placement and share purchase plan (SPP). Under the terms of the SPP, shareholders with registered addresses in New Zealand were permitted to apply for up to NZ$15,000 of new ordinary shares in CBL at a subscription price of NZ$3.45 per share, subject to scaling if total acceptances of more than NZ$3,000,000 were received under the SPP. CBL received more than NZ$3,000,000 worth of acceptances under the SPP and therefore all acceptances were scaled in accordance with the terms of the SPP. Peter Harris applied for NZ$15,000 worth of new shares through Alliance Investments Limited which, after scaling, resulted in the allotment of 4,347 new shares to Alliance Investments Limited for a total subscription price of NZ$14,997.15.
Details after relevant event
Details for Peter Alan Harris
Nature of relevant interest(s): Beneficial owner of ordinary shares in CBL Corporation Limited held by Oceanic Securities Pte Limited, Stichting Lygon Pension Fund, Eurasia Investment Limited, Alliance Investments Limited and Sunshine Nominees Limited. The relevant interest in ordinary shares is qualified by the terms of an escrow as set out in the sale and purchase agreement dated 4 September 2015, which was attached to the substantial product holder notice given by the substantial product holder on 13 October 2015.
For that relevant interest,—
(a) number held in class: 58,854,347
(b) percentage held in class: 24.962%
(c) current registered holder(s): no change.
(d) registered holder(s) once transfers are registered: no change other than with respect to Alliance Investments Limited which now holds 154,347 shares.
For a derivative relevant interest, also—
(a) type of derivative: N/A
(b) details of derivative: N/A
(c) parties to the derivative: N/A
(d) if the substantial product holder is not a party to the derivative, the nature of the relevant interest in the derivative: N/A
Additional information
Address(es) of substantial product holder(s): 14A Gibbons Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand.
Contact details: Ph: +64 9 303 4770; Email: pharris@cblinsurance.com.
Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required to give, a disclosure under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 in relation to the financial products to which this disclosure relates: N/A
Disclosure has effect for purposes of directors’ and senior managers’ disclosure
Peter Alan Harris is also the Managing Director of CBL Corporation Limited. This disclosure also constitutes disclosure for the purposes of the directors’ and senior managers’ disclosure obligations.
I, Peter Alan Harris, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made. 

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